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Critical Illness (Guarantee Issue) No medical questions to answer at initial enrollment for retiree, spouse and child(ren)

New retirees must enroll within 60 days after your first retirement benefit payment.

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Plan covers: heart attack, cancer, stroke, organ transplant and more.

Cash benefits paid direct to you, tax free, up to $5,000.  You choose the benefits to protect yourself and any family members if diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

You go to your annual exam, the doctor runs tests, the results come back and you’re diagnosed with a critical illness.

Cash benefits paid to you. You decide how to use the cash benefits. Claim forms found in policyholder information.

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Critical Illness video

Critical Illness Brochure

Guarantee Issue! Learn about Allstate Benefits critical illness insurance, benefits, how to enroll, how to file a claim and premiums.

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Critical Illness Policyholder Information

Claims Questions: 866-828-8501 | AB-Claims@allstate.com


Change Form
Claim Form: Critical Illness
Claim Payment: Direct Deposit Form
Name and Ownership Change
Certificate of Coverage

Change of Address

(both need to be completed to expedite your receipt of important information)

  1. Update Address in ORBIT
  2. Call 855-627-3847 or use our chat feature.

My Critical Illness Benefits

Accessing benefit information has never been easier.

  • File claims
  • Check claim status
  • Get benefit coverage details
  • Review claims history
  • Make changes to personal information
  • File express claims. Get paid in  1- 2 business days with direct deposit

I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful when I made the phone call, I really did not expect for someone to be so sweet and nice as you were. Wish all of my phone calls were so pleasant. ‑Wanda, NC Retiree